In App, In Photo Shopping by Instagram

Shopping by Instagram. Adverts in the Instagram feed will help shoppers get to know products faster.

With lag time between a customer finding a product they want and ultimately making that purchase, Instagram are hoping to help shoppers get to know products faster, leading to quicker sales by featuring the product right within that customer’s Instagram feed.

While looking through photos, a button will appear on the bottom left of a post that allows users to Tap to View Products. Once the button has been tapped, information such as name and price will show in the post. Tapping each product individually will bring up more details, including a Shop Now button that takes the viewer to the seller’s website for purchase.

Each post can include sales information on up to five products and everything up until the purchase takes place within the Instagram App. The new features are currently being tested with a select number of iOS users within the US and are only available to 20 large US retailers. You can read Instagram‘s announcement on the new features here.