iPhone Users Get In App Google Search With New w/Gboard

Google is seriously courting iPhone users with its newest app. The new w/Gboard is an iOS keyboard that is fully integrated for easy searching and sharing.

It allows users to search Google while using ANY APP including email, or text and share searches without needing to toggle anywhere. Gboard also brings an entirely new set of search results into the mix. Check out the quick video below to see what we mean.

Gboard defaults to Google and, unlike a regular browser, the default can’t be changed – meaning Google could take an even bigger chunk of the mobile search pie. While Gboard may be good for Google‘s share of mobile search traffic, what does this mean for search results and site owners?

From the research we’ve done the Gboard results are pulled largely from the same algorithm that is used for the mobile results with some obvious differences. Since, the search space is at an even higher premium, it’s obvious that the searcher’s intent is even more heavily considered. A few other things that are shown within mobile but noticeably missing from Gboard are Ads, Twitter and Apps listings, and the AMP carousel. News results are also getting more exposure and local results seems to match up almost exactly. Danny Sullivan did an extensive overview comparing the mobile search results to those of Gboard that we highly recommend you read.

Gboard is a free app currently only available on iOS in the English language, with plans for more languages to come. You can read Google‘s official announcement here and of course download the app for testing here.