Facebook Native Video Posts Trending Up YouTube trending down

facebook native video

A recently updated study shows that Facebook native video posts are trending upward on Facebook while YouTube, Vimeo and other video platforms are tending downward.

And even though this is hardly a surprise since Facebook is known to favor videos posted directly to Facebook (i.e. native videos), we think you’ll find the actual numbers interesting.

Here are some of the salient points from the updated study…

  1. Videos on Facebook are on the rise: Nearly every second Facebook profile (48%) uploaded a video to their timeline.
  2. 92% of the pages that posted a video used at least one Facebook native video – this is a rise of 2% since last March.
  3. The share of pages that used YouTube videos has declined 4% — from 30% to 26%, which is three times less than the use of Facebook native videos.
  4. Facebook’s share of the overall native video posts increased 5% — from 84% to 89%. That translates to 6.7 million video posts.
  5. YouTube’s share of videos posted on Facebook has declined about 3% over the same period, from 11% to 8%.

More fun findings…

  1. The number of comments, reactions, and shares (i.e., performance) associated with Facebook native videos beat YouTube by a factor of up to 8 times.
  2. The May 2017 report showed interactions for Facebook native videos were, on average, 168% higher than for YouTube videos. This last report showed that number leaped to 304%.
  3. The report published last May showed Facebook with an average of 477% higher share rate compared to YouTube videos. The most recent report updates that figure to 611%.
  4. Compared to YouTube videos, Facebook native video received, on average, 530% more comments.

The take away is simple. If you’re using Facebook to share video content, you should post your videos directly on Facebook rather than posting on YouTube with a link from Facebook.

And, if video is a part of your overall online marketing strategy, then we recommend you take a good look at the quintly report to further absorb the rest of the study’s valuable insights.

It’s something we’ve been pointing out to our clients as inevitable for a long time

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